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  • We are a small company
  • We are looking for total IT Support
  • We have limited or No IT resources
  • We have a limited budget for our IT needs
  • We want to use IT to save us money

IT is a critical component of any sized company, but when you’re a smaller company, many times you have little to no IT resources. However, you still need your network, servers and computers available and running at peak performance. But hiring internal IT staff can be very expensive. Even with an internal IT manager, you can still be missing expertise and skills needed for today’s common business technologies.

C&O IT Solutions can be your complete IT service, for a fraction of the cost of hiring internal staff. You get access to the collective knowledge and experience. We can provide you IT support that was once only available for much larger companies. And we tailor the right solution for you and your budget.

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  • We are a medium sized company
  • We need additional IT services
  • We have limited IT resources
  • We have a limited budget
  • We want to use IT to save us money

As a medium-sized business, you may or may not have IT resources at your disposal, and unlike a smaller business, your IT environment may be quite complex, running multiple servers, many desktops, and maybe even multiple operating systems. But you still have limited budget and resources at your disposal and your IT network is just expected to work. C&O IT Solutions can help you no matter what your specific needs may be. We can help you with a specific IT project or we can be your entire IT solution.

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  • We are a large company
  • We need addional IT services
  • We need help with projects
  • We need custom solutions
  • We want to use IT to save money

As a larger business you probably have internal IT resources, but it may not be enough to handle all the technology needs your business may have. In addition, many larger companies still feel they can survive on the budget and resources of a small company. Perhaps you are in a situation where systems have been put in place but you don’t have the manpower or skill sets to effectively run and support all your divergent technologies and help tickets. The good news is we’re here to make your life easy. We can help you accommodate all your companies’ needs from upgrade projects, to desktop support and systems maintenance.

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Chuck did a great job in upgrading my computer and making it faster than ever. I was able to use my computer as if it was brand new again. Not only did he fix my computer promptly, but he gave me step by step instructions on what he did so that I could be more knowledgeable with computers.

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