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Eight Tips to Minimize Your IT Cost
Posted by kantreal on October 9, 2012 at 10:41 pm

IT is not going anywhere, but to be able to best utilize it for your business, you must see what is necessary for your company and what is “Junk Food.” Here at C&O we look at every aspect of your business, devise what is essential for your business and what will be essential for your company’s growth in the upcoming 5-10 years. View the tips we have below to see how you can reduce your cost and the headache of  your company’s technology needs.

1.     Take stock of what you have. Before you do anything else, it is best to make an inventory of all the things that you already have. Check all applications and make a checklist of the things you really need and those that may have no value to the company anymore. Learn how to maximize necessary usage. You may already have redundant software that you can eliminate.

2.     Use Web-based applications or open source software. Where appropriate, go for the cheaper one or one that is accessible online and free for everyone. Why pay when you can get it for free or for the least amount possible? Always look for alternative options.

3.     Consolidate servers. Look for ways where you can swap smaller servers performing the same task with a larger server. Initially, it may cost you a little more, but its long term investment will be worth it.

4.     Exchange deals. We are living in a symbiotic world and more often than not, exchange deals really work. Some hardware shops may accept your products and/or services in exchange for discounts, upgrades or lowered/waived service and maintenance fees.

5.     Hold off on upgrades. Needless to say, if the current updated version of the software you are using can still do the work, hold off on buying the latest version.

6.     Skip the top-of-the-line hardware for now. It may be very important that you get the best quality hardware, but if the second-best can perform just as well for you, why think about paying more?

7.     Offer training options for your IT staff. Training seminars and workshops may sound expensive, but you will realize that investing in employee training can dramatically improve productivity and efficiency.

8.     Outsource selected services. Sometimes, the best way out is really out. Consider outsourcing  some of the services that you need. You can save money by not having to deal with extending your staff to meet certain needs.

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