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Ways to Transform Your School Into “The School of the Future”
Posted by kantreal on December 3, 2012 at 8:03 am

1.  Free wifi throughout the entire school

Instead of relying on the information that is limited in schools, wifi throughout an entire school makes it possible to keep the learning process going outside the classroom and make it possible for every student to utilize the never ending information of the World Wide Web.

2.  Ebooks

A cheaper way of getting textbooks for schools that are not out of date and accessible from any computer.

3.  Social Media

Quick and easy way to inform students, staff, parents, etc. about what is going on in each classroom and school.

4.  Applications

Ways of learning by using creative games, and programs to teach in an ever growing tech world.

5.  Wiki page

A way to have documentation and videos of how to train and inform students and staff about common problems that most people run into while on campus.  This can be IT related or for procedures and protocols.

6.  Dedicated It department

When something breaks or goes bad, having a low cost 24/7 IT department that can fix your problem and proactively notify you when something is broken is a MUST!

Click here to see what Microsoft did to transform a small school in Philadelphia into the school of the future.

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